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            Design Gallery

            D3 House Design | Vancouver | Design course: RAIC 350
            Designing the Gap | Toronto | Design course: RAIC 350
            Container and Projects | London | Design course: RAIC 200
            Ravine House Almonte, ON
            Ravine House | Ottawa | Design course: RAIC 350
            Quinones - D3 Studio
            fe & Simple Habitat | Vancouver | Design course: RAIC 350
            Bicycle Shelter | lgary | Design course: RAIC 200
            9Pc Orthogonal Ceiling Module | Toronto | Design course: RAIC 200
            Final Assignment 5 | Ottawa | Design course: RAIC 200
            Seniors' Housing Complex | Victoria | Design course: RAIC 400
            Cocoon House | Victoria | Design course: RAIC 350
            Becoming an Architect in nada

            Architecture, as a profession, is both rewarding and demanding. In order to take the building of space and form beyond utilitarian construction into the realm of artistic, social and environmental consciousness, comprehensive knowledge and skills are required in such areas as humanities, technology, design and management....  >>

            RAIC Syllabus Diploma in Architecture

            The RAIC offers an accessible alternative through a direct, self-paced program of ademic studies, design studios, and practil experience leading to the RAIC Professional Diploma in Architecture - accepted by the nadian Architectural Certifition Board (CB) as having achieved the performance standards required for...  >>

            RAIC Centre for Architecture

            Athabas University and the Royal Architectural Institute of nada (RAIC) proudly present nada's first online Architectural programs! To this end, these two organizations have formed the RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabas University, which provides a new way to study architecture.

            The centre serves three kinds of students: general interest students, RAIC syllabus students and internationally trained architects.

            The strength of this program is that it serves the adult learner who wishes to earn a quality university edution regardless of age, gender, culture, ability or disability, geographic lotion, reer and family commitments.

            All three groups of students n work towards several credentials: Bachelor of Science in Architecture, (BSc Arch) and Post-Baclaureate Diploma in Architecture (PBDA).

            For more detail about the on the Syllabus Program and Athabas University's programs, refer to the RAIC Syllabus Frequently Asked Quesitons?page.

            Note to those referred to the RAIC Syllabus Program by the nadian Architectural Certifition Board (CB): If you have been referred to the RAIC Syllabus Program to complete courses focused on professional practice in nada, you are required to register with the Syllabus Program prior to enrolling in courses with Athabas University.?